Herminder Sandhu

Herminder spent a number of years working for HMRC in all compliance areas, specialising in employment tax over the last ten.  He then saw the light and joined one of the Top 4 firms before moving to a private practice in the East Midlands providing specialist advice to clients and colleagues as well as management and development of a team.  Herminder decided to specialise further and joined Accountax Consulting where he spent more than 2 and a half years providing advice to umbrella companies and commercial contractors, successfully defending their position against HMRC investigations.  He also fought and won many  challenges in respect of the Construction Industry Scheme, the operation of PAYE, employment status, IR35, the MSC legislation and the penalty regime on behalf of a host of other clients, including representation before the First-Tier Tax Tribunal.

Herminder joined us in July 2013 to bolster the service, offering experience and practical knowledge to our team.

Contact: [email protected] or 07702 499257