Umbrella Companies

The complete package…

Success and compliance in any type of umbrella company model requires in-depth knowledge of a wide range of law.  The umbrella company market is fraught with compliance risks, and the pressure of a seemingly constant stream of legal changes is demanding and time consuming to your business.  Get things wrong, and liabilities can run to millions.  We will navigate you through the red tape.

Practical advice, not just textbook advice…

Our advice is borne from decades of combined personal experience advising in the umbrella company sector.  We always provide advice that is commercial and practical, as well as compliant.  Anybody can quote from a textbook, but it takes many years of applying the law and defending cases in tribunals to appreciate the unique challenges faced by umbrella companies and similar models.

Whatever your model, we have expertise…

Whether you operate an umbrella company, a self-employed model, or offer accountancy services to limited companies – call us to speak with our legal specialists.  We are experts in all areas of tax and employment law including MSC legislation, IR35 & employment status, ‘worker’ status for holiday pay/NMW, AWR, the intermediaries legislation, auto-enrolment, tax-free expenses rules and CIS; as well as regulatory issues e.g. SIA and GLA licensing, and immigration regulations.  These areas of law often overlap and compete – make sure your adviser is an expert in every discipline.

Making compliance commercial…

Your clients want to know you are compliant.  We see our role not just as giving you confidence in your business’s compliance, but giving your clients the same confidence that you are offering them protection from the many tax and employment pitfalls.

Our services…

Our fixed fee services include:

  • Advice and consultancy on employed models
  • Advice and consultancy on self-employed models
  • Contract reviews and drafting
  • HMRC, tax tribunal and employment tribunal defence
  • Compliance audits and verification
  • MSC Advice and consultancy
  • AWR Advice and consultancy
  • VAT Advice and consultancy
  • Carry the Chartergate Verified logo as a badge of compliance
  • Retained services – an expert always on hand