HMRC Tax Enquiries

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Problems with HMRC? Whether it is a ‘routine’ employer compliance check, construction industry scheme issues, an enquiry into your tax return, or simply a request for information, we will give you the best advice. Unfortunately too many advisers simply roll over when confronted by an HMRC tax enquiry and do not advise their clients properly about their legal rights. There are strict limits covering what HMRC can ask and when they can ask it, and they are enforced by an independent tribunal.

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We will make sure that all HMRC tax enquiries are being conducted reasonably and in accordance with the law, and help you to bring enquiries to a swift and satisfactory conclusion. The difference in our approach is that our consultants appear regularly before the tax tribunals and know precisely where to draw the line when HMRC exceed their powers. We are firmly on the side of our clients and take a ‘hands-on’ approach to enquiry work.

Comprehensive assistance with HMRC Tax Enquiries

Tax enquiries by HMRC must be opened no later than 12 months from the date you submitted your tax return. However, it is important to note that in the event of incomplete disclosures in your tax return, a discovery assessment may still be made after this period.

Chartergates specialists take into account all of the circumstances and the nature of the tax enquiry by HMRC. We will support and guide you whenever you meet with HMRC to ensure the best possible outcome. In the case of penalties, you can be sure that you will receive full mitigation. With years of experience, our team guarantees the provision of high-quality legal assistance that meets all your requirements.

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