HMRC Disputes

Advice & Consultancy…

The first stage is to ensure that you are well prepared for the specific enquiry threats that your business may face. Chartergates can provide you with the technical advice and consultancy necessary for you to be as strong as possible in the face of an HMRC enquiry into your affairs.  Whether it is a quick phone call for a second opinion or a detailed review, Chartergates can help you lay the foundations for a successful defence.

Enquiry Representation…

Chartergates is not only there to help you prepare in the event of an enquiry, we can assist and represent you if the enquiry has already started. Just because we didn’t provide you with initial advice it does not mean that we cannot provide you with our unrivalled enquiry protection.

HMRC Dispute Team

We can work with your accountant to make sure that you have a complete team backing you when HMRC attack. All our consultants have legal or tax qualifications that guarantee you receive technically accurate but also commercially relevant representation. Our HMRC dispute team have the experience and successful track record that means they will not shrink from HMRC and will represent you in the appropriately robust manner.

Tribunal Representation…

Some advisers will provide advice and enquiry representation but once it is likely to reach a Tribunal they pass it on because they lack the skills or confidence necessary to represent you. This leaves you having to get to know a new representative who has no knowledge of your business or your case.

At Chartergates we believe that if we advise you or handle your enquiry then we should represent you. Not only do we have the skills and confidence to represent you in a Tribunal but we strongly believe that we are responsible for taking your case all the way if we have advised you from the start.

Equally, if you require Tribunal representation but have been advised by another adviser initially we will happily pick up the baton.

Our HMRC Overpayment Disputes service tailored to you…

Chartergates can provide advice and representation on an ad-hoc basis giving you the freedom to use our services when you need to.

However, some clients prefer to receive on-going advice by becoming a member of our retainer service. Our members have the benefit of knowing that they can contact us anytime and receive regular updates, a priority service as well as knowing we will represent them in the event of an HMRC overpayment dispute or Tribunal at no extra cost.

Why not find out about becoming an Chartergates Affiliate so you have access to the best HMRC defence team?

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