VAT Consultancy Services

Prompt and commercial VAT advice…

We are pleased to be able to offer not only VAT advice, but also a comprehensive package of VAT services to our clients. It is extremely important to consider VAT before transacting, timing is essential. If your business is planning any acquisitions or disposals seeking VAT advice prior to the deal could save your business money.

Key advice in key areas…

Land and property transactions offer key areas for VAT savings, the VAT rules in this area can be complex. Contact our VAT team if you’re purchasing any VAT opted commercial buildings to et professional vat specialist advice and see if there is scope for removing the VAT charge and reducing the stamp duty. Building contractor’s services are chargeable at zero rate, 5% and 20% and we can assist you to ensure the correct rate is applied. This is crucial because if VAT’s charged incorrectly you cannot reclaim it as input tax.

Maximising your VAT recovery…

We can assist you to use the option to tax as the tool it is in applying it to commercial property transactions and maximise VAT recovery for your business. It’s a tricky area; so get some clear & concise advice on how to maximise VAT recovery and avoid partial exemption and capital goods scheme restrictions where possible.

HMRC and Tribunal representation…

If HMRC contact you with news that you should have been VAT registered some years ago and you find that you are faced with a demand for back payment of VAT, contact our VAT department to explore any options to challenge the registration demand. Likewise if your business receives an assessment following a visit from HMRC and you would like to explore the possibility of appealing it to HMRC and/or Tax Tribunal we can act on your behalf. If you would like assistance during an inspection this can also be arranged.

Be prepared…

We can offer your business a ‘VAT health check’ to ensure you’re operating within the law efficiently, there may be opportunities to improve cash flow and make savings in applying cash accounting or the flat rate scheme. We can also apply in-house VAT training for staff tailored to the needs of your business.

Our VAT consultancy services…

All our VAT consultancy services are offered on a fixed fee basis giving you clarity and certainty. Our services include:

  • General VAT advice and consultancy
  • Land and property transactions advice and consultancy
  • Construction industry VAT advice and consultancy
  • VAT ‘health checks’
  • HMRC enquiries representation
  • Tribunal representation
  • VAT training and seminars