Gross Payment Cancellation

On top of compliance…

Since the introduction of the new Construction Industry Scheme in April 2007, HMRC have been out in force policing the operation of the scheme, and threatening the cancellation of subcontractors’ gross payment registration at every turn. HMRC’s systems now check the general compliance of every subcontractor at least once every 12 months (a procedure known as the Tax Treatment Qualification Test) and automatically cancels gross payment where HMRC think anything is amiss.

Gross Payment Status

Many people don’t realise that late payments by company directors or even late PAYE payments by other group companies can jeopardise gross payment registration – but HMRC are picking up on this more and more.

Furthermore, you may lose your Gross Payment Status in the following cases:

  • Any contractor returns have been late for four or more occasions or have been over 28 days late.
  • Any PAYE or CIS payments have been late on four and more occasions or have been more than 14 days late.
  • Any self-assessment or Corporation Tax payment has been more than 28 days late.
  • Any tax or other payment of £100 or more due to HMRC is outstanding at the time of review.

Gross payment guarantee

Our consultants have many years’ experience of successfully challenging HMRC cancellations, and have preserved gross payment status for the countless businesses that have suffered problems. In fact we are so confident that we can win your case, if you do not keep your gross payment status we won’t charge you a penny! How many other advisers can offer this undertaking?

Solid defence…

We appreciate the dire potential consequences of losing gross payment status and we will fight tooth and nail to keep your registration and keep HMRC at bay. Call us now if your gross payment registration is under threat.