Tax Enquiries

A robust defence

With pressure on HMRC to generate more money for the Exchequer, an ever-increasing focus on compliance visits and business checks, and the uncompromising attitude of the new breed of tax inspector, it has never been more important to have a topdrawer adviser on your side.  We understand that tax rules are complicated and things can go wrong – even when they do our advisers have achieved unbelievable outcomes for businesses, with a robust technical and tactical approach.

The personal touch

We are happy to work directly for clients or alongside existing accountants.  When you instruct us, you will not only have the backing of a team of experts who will never shrink from an HMRC challenge, but the same adviser will be at your side from the first HMRC visit right through to a Tribunal hearing if it is needed.  Our consultants are skilled advocates with extensive tribunal experience – no handing over files to a third party at the eleventh hour.  Knowing the end-game gives us an edge that other advisers simply do not possess.

Expert advice at every stage

Whether it is advice before HMRC start enquiries, a second opinion on an existing dispute, or even a requirement to step into the breach when a case is reaching a tax tribunal – we can help.

Prevention is better than cure

Some sayings are overused clichés for a good reason.  We offer ongoing protection from HMRC enquiries on a retained basis, including our own compliance checks and advice where there is risk of challenge.  If you want your business to be in the strongest possible position before HMRC arrive – we are there to help.

Our services

Call us today for a free no obligation discussion with our team. Alternatively, click here for more information on our services which include:

  • Advice and consultancy on all areas of tax
  • Second opinion service for ongoing disputes
  • HMRC Enquiry Representation
  • Tax Tribunal Representation
  • VAT Advice and Representation