CIS Issues

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The Construction Industry Scheme seems simple, but it is notorious for catching out the unwary with its lesser known regulations. One of our main areas of expertise and experience is helping clients who have fallen foul of the strict and sometimes harsh provisions of the scheme.

CIS lawyers

CIS covers most workers in the construction industry. This includes both permanent and temporary construction work, including work in the private sector, on civil buildings or public facilities. Work types covered by CIS include:

  • Construction
  • Repair
  • Demolition
  • Alterations
  • Decoration

Chartergates CIS lawyers work with clients in the construction industry on a daily basis and are always ready to offer decisive action to help you overcome the complexities associated with the CIS.

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HMRC have always targeted the construction industry in terms of compliance. No other industry has its own unique tax deduction system. Now HMRC have upped the ante and in the last few years specialist HMRC teams have been formed, investigations have increased, and ‘yield’ from compliance checks has gone up by millions.

If you have found yourself in a dispute with HMRC on any of the following CIS issues, contact us now as we can help:

  • Failure to make deductions from a subcontractor
  • Failure to verify a subcontractor
  • Not deducting enough due to excessive materials claims
  • Disputes about whether CIS applies
  • Loss of your gross payment status
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It is essential that you speak to us early on if you have one of these issues. Not only are there strict time limits for appeal, there are also important steps to follow in a set order to make sure you don’t end up paying your subcontractor’s tax liability – which is what will happen if you have not made sufficient CIS deductions.

We work on a fixed fee basis agreed up front; or call us now for a free no obligation discussion and ask us about our ‘no win no fee’ option.