MSC Enquiries

MSC rules solved…

The notorious Managed Service Companies legislation is unparalleled in its ability to confound and terrify clients in equal measure. With potential personal liability on the line under the Transfer of Debt provisions this is an area where you simply cannot afford to go wrong, yet the rules are barely comprehensible to the layperson, and have yet to be tested in any Court.

Specialist advice…

Since the introduction of the legislation in April 2007 our consultants have specialised in dissecting, analysing and arguing the legislation with HMRC.  This is an area where most advisers fear to tread, and a highly specialised field of expertise.  If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, call us now to discuss:

  • You have received a letter from HMRC referring to the MSC legislation
  • One of your candidates (working through a limited company) has had an MSC enquiry letter from HMRC
  • You are using an umbrella company, self-employed scheme or a limited company service and you have any MSC concerns
  • You are using an Approved Supplier List and you have not vetted the Suppliers

Protection from liability…

We can protect you from this dangerous piece of legislation, and help with enquiries being conducted by HMRC’s specialist teams.  Call us now.