Holiday pay

Holiday pay protection…

One of the most common Employment Tribunal claims faced by companies in the construction industry is holiday pay claims.  In the most common scenario the subcontractor begins life happy to be self-employed (in fact some insist on it) but when work dries up suddenly decides he was in fact a ‘worker’ and entitled to holiday pay.  Chartergates can provide the technical advice you need to combat these claims.

Fighting for you…

Often backed by unions, the individual makes a holiday pay claim for three main reasons:

  1. They can claim holiday pay for the whole of the engagement even for holiday years that have expired.  This makes claims potentially lucrative.
  2. They only have to show that they were a ‘worker’ rather than an employee so there is no conflict with their tax position.  This allows them to have their cake and eat it.
  3. Many companies just settle the claim making the individual’s life extremely easy.

In order to prepare for and defeat these claims you need advisers that specialise in worker status.  Chartergates are these advisers and can protect you from this growing threat.  We will fight for you regardless of whether the claim is backed by the unions or not.

Protection from a growing threat…

The scope of worker status is increasing and includes the Agency Workers Regulations and the auto enrolment pension legislation.  It has never been more important to guard against this threat.  We can provide you with the protection you need from this growing threat.  Visit our consultants’ personal profiles for examples of just a few of their successes in this area.

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