Employment Tribunal representation

Allowing you to run your business…

Ultimately, disgruntled individuals can bring a complaint to an Employment Tribunal. These can be lengthy proceedings that are time consuming and can have an impact on the rest of your workforce and clients.

Chartergates are able to provide the legal employment law advice and representation you need when faced with an Employment Tribunal. Whether you are facing an unfair dismissal claim from an ex-employee or facing a multiple claim from subcontractors claiming to be employees or workers Chartergates can help.

Robust representation…

We believe in our legal advice and representation to the point where we represent our clients ourselves. This benefits you because you are represented by the people that have worked your case from the start and know your business best. It also gives you confidence that we are prepared to stand with you and defend our advice. Representing our clients ourselves also saves you fees and avoids engaging an external representative at the last minute who doesn’t know you or your business.

Successful representation…

Chartergates consultants are vastly experienced in the Employment Law Tribunal and the Employment Appeal Tribunal. Visit their personal profiles to view some of their successes.

Our representation is all provided on fixed cost and can form part of a retained service.

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