Employment Status – Construction Industry

Giving you the flexibility you need…

The vast majority of construction companies engage self-employed subcontractors.  It is a commercial and flexible response to an industry that lives on fluctuating work.  By engaging self-employed subcontractors you will run the risk of a HMRC status enquiry and/or Employment Tribunal claims from disgruntled subcontractors.  As a construction company you must be prepared to face this scrutiny head on.  Chartergates’ consultants are eminently skilled in advising on HMRC status challenges as well as representing you if you are challenged.

A complete status defence…

When you engage self-employed subcontractors it is not only HMRC that you have to guard against.  More and more subcontractors are deciding to make claims at Employment Tribunals (after the work has dried up) for employment rights. Chartergates can protect you in the Employment Tribunal as well.

The difficulty for construction companies is that many of the claims only require an individual to prove ‘worker’ status which is a significantly lower threshold than traditional employment status.  With this in mind, if you want full protection then you need advice from Chartergates who are experts in defending against ‘worker’ claims.

Our consultants have advised and represented clients in numerous ‘worker’ cases as well as HMRC enquiries.  It is this twofold protection that Chartergates provide that sets us apart and protects you.

If you would like more information on status in general see our technical zone or contact us for the services we provide.