Employment Status

A complete service…

Getting employment status right is not just about HMRC.  Companies need to be wary of Employment Tribunal claims from individuals claiming to be ‘employees’ or ‘workers’. With most employment status case law now being made in the employment jurisdiction it is crucial that your advice comes from experts in both tax and employment law.  At Chartergates we specialise in both elements ensuring the service that you receive is complete and with no weaknesses.

A proactive service…

It’s no good just waiting for HMRC to strike or for that Tribunal claim to arrive.  Now is the time to do the work that will protect you when you face that inevitable challenge.  One of the keys in employment status is the contract that you agree with the subcontractors.  Without the correct terms and conditions in place you will be at the mercy of HMRC or an Employment Tribunal claim.  We are able to provide you with the detailed drafting service that will ensure you are strong in the face of an employment status challenge.

A total HMRC defence…

When HMRC initiate an employment status enquiry there can be huge amounts of money at stake.  Most businesses cannot afford to lose an employment status enquiry.  At Chartergates we can make sure you don’t.  Our consultants are experts in battling HMRC on employment status and make sure you are represented in the robust and precise way needed to ensure your success.

On your side, every step of the way…

At Chartergates we believe in providing a complete service.  With this in mind, not only will we provide you with advice and drafting services on employment status.  We will also represent you in the face of an Employment Tribunal or a HMRC enquiry.  At Chartergates we believe that if we give advice we should stand by it in the Tribunals.  This gives you the peace of mind that we are confident in our abilities.

Commercial and successful…

At Chartergates we do not believe in simply telling you what to do and leaving you to work out how to do it.  We believe in providing our clients with commercial solutions that also protect them from the threat of HMRC and Employment Tribunals.  Perhaps that is why our success rate is so high.  No advisers have more successes than us on the issue of employment status in the Tax and Employment Tribunals.

Our services…

All our advice and representation is provided on fixed fees so you have certainty of fees.  We offer:

  • General employment law advice and consultancy
  • Employment contract reviews and drafting
  • HMRC enquiry representation
  • Tax Tribunal representation
  • Employment Tribunal advice and representation
  • Ongoing retainer advice and representation
  • VAT advice & representation