HMRC Enquiries

First class representation…

Employed or self-employed? There has never been so much riding on this simple question. If you make the wrong decision not only do you face the cost of PAYE and National Insurance, HMRC will add interest and possibly penalties to the bill. If you are operating in the construction industry your gross payment status is in jeopardy, and there is a fine of up to £3,000 per month just for getting employment status wrong.

HMRC Self Employment Status

Companies who rely on a self-employed workforce can be at risk of HMRC enquiries. HMRC often scrutinizes subcontractor contracts, asserting that workers are actually employees. This can be incredibly expensive and disruptive for businesses, as significant national insurance contributions and taxes may need to be paid by the “employer”.
Chartergates have a proven track record of solving such issues and have successfully defended many status disputes and tax inquiries. Please keep in touch with us for more details.

An expert at hand…

If HMRC are giving you a hard time – don’t panic. Thankfully, help is at hand. At Chartergates you will be represented by an expert who knows exactly what the law says about employment status (read our Top 10 Myths) and will defend your position fiercely. Unlike other advisers we don’t just ‘talk the talk’, we appear regularly in the tribunals defending self-employed status and you can be confident that you will have the best representative at your side.

No more sleepless nights…

We understand that having a HMRC investigation hanging over your head is not just about a potential tax bill. The stress and anxiety can be damaging to your business and the uncertainty can make it impossible to move forward. Our enquiry team will take away the pain, deal with HMRC on your behalf and allow you to get on with the important issue: running your business.

Contact one of our consultants; we’re certain you’ll be glad you picked up the phone.