Chartergate Affiliates

Continuous protection…

By becoming an Chartergate Affiliate you become a member of an organisation that can advise and represent you in your battles with HMRC and employment law.  The aim is to provide ongoing protection to our affiliates by providing them with priority advice and updates at a fraction of the cost of one-off advice.

Keep one step ahead of HMRC…

One of the key benefits of becoming an Chartergate Affiliate  is that you benefit from ongoing proactive advice.  This means that we can keep you updated first hand with legislative and case law development as well as any changes in HMRC tactics.  One-off advice is valuable but having your finger on the pulse allows you to remain one step ahead of HMRC.  By becoming an Chartergate Affiliate we make sure you stay ahead of the game.

We’re stronger together…

As a Chartergate Affiliate you become a member of a growing group of businesses all benefiting from ongoing advice and updates.  Because Chartergates can empower a growing number of businesses through the affiliate membership it means that the services can be provided more cost-effectively than the cost of engaging us on a one-off basis.

Designed to suit your needs…

Becoming an Affiliate does not mean that you will need the same range of services as other members but it is always comforting to know you are part of larger group all dedicated to protecting their businesses from the perils of HMRC and employment legislation.  With this in mind we have designed bespoke affiliate memberships for:

  • Accountants
  • Umbrella Companies
  • Employment Agencies
  • Construction Companies

Valuable benefits…

Chartergate Affiliate memberships are suitable for all who wish to benefit from ongoing legal updates and access to specialist advisers in tax, VAT and employment law.   Chartergate Affiliates benefit from:

  • Regular updates via newsletters on tax, VAT and employment matters.
  • Access to our Second Opinion Service (SOS)!  We will provide you with free telephone advice for those issues you encounter where you just need to talk it over with an expert. This allows you access to vital second opinions from our experts.
  • Regular fact-sheets providing you with advice in our specialist areas allowing you to build a library of information.
  • Priority access to our experts.
  • Access to our other services at a discounted rate.

To become an Chartergate Affiliate or for more information contact us.