HMRC Penalties


It seems that the range and level of HMRC tax penalties increases every year. At Chartergates our consultants have extensive experience of defending clients who have ended up at the sharp end of the HMRC penalty regime.

HMRC can impose penalties for various non-compliances with the tax rules. These include paying taxes late, submitting paperwork late, submitting a tax return late, failing to inform of changes that affect your tax liability and making errors on a tax return or other paperwork that understates your tax liability – all resulting in potentially costly consequences.

You can appeal the HMRC tax penalty and have it reviewed. Alternatively, in certain special circumstances, there is an option to reduce the assessed penalty too.

A solid defence…

Whether it is penalties under the Construction Industry Scheme, tax-geared penalties, VAT penalties or the more recent in-year PAYE penalties – we can help.

We will review your case in depth, and help you build the best defence. We have achieved notable successes, and rather than just regurgitating the usual excuses in an attempt to persuade HMRC to waive those penalties (which usually falls on deaf ears), we explore every avenue of your defence – for example ensuring HMRC have complied with the strict procedures for raising penalties. Simply put: if it can be won, we will win it!

Contact the best…

Call us now to defend your case on a fixed fee or even a no win no fee basis. There is no cost for an initial consultation, and no obligation. You have nothing to lose.