Chartergate Guaranteed Defence

Success guaranteed…

We are so confident in our expertise and advice that we are prepared to guarantee our advice and recommendations.  If you or your clients follow our advice and recommendations then for a small fixed fee your costs of us representing you in the event of an HMRC IR35 enquiry will be covered. We will even pay the tax, NI and any penalties due IF we lose your case. That is how confident we are.

Simplicity and security…

There are no difficult cost calculations for the Chartergates Assured Defence just a simple annual fixed fee. In fact, if we review your contract and offer you membership in the Chartergates Guaranteed Defence then we will refund the cost of the IR35 contract review.

Too easy?

We guarantee our results and we do it for a simple fixed fee, surely this is too easy?

The reason we are able to do this is because of our expertise and the success of our consultants. With Matt Boddington heading up our IR35 team we are led by the adviser with the most successful IR35 appearances at the Tax Tribunals. With this level of expertise it is easy for us to offer a guaranteed level of service to our clients.

Alternatively you may prefer our IR35 fee protection service instead.

If you would like further information or would like to join Chartergates Guaranteed Defence contact us now.