Kaushik Chaudhuri LL.B (Hons)

Having completed his law degree (specialising in business law). Kaushik went on to complete the Bar Vocational Course and was called to the Bar in 2005.

Following completion of his academic studies Kaushik entered the world of employment law and for over a decade has represented clients in the Employment Tribunal.

Known on the circuit as a sharp litigator with a keen grasp of the law, Kaushik continues to represent clients with the highest possible level of service.

Kaushik joined Chartergates as part of the employment law team and has swiftly established himself, being promoted to Technical Lead for employment law and GDPR matters.

However, Kaushik’s talents are not limited to employment law and the GDPR. Kaushik is also a member of our tax team and is currently studying the CTA.

Contact: [email protected] or 07702 516840