Employment Agencies Overview

The advice you need…

In recent years it has become clear that employment agencies are in themselves a target for new legislation. This means that general advice will just not do. You need specialist advice on the areas (take the intermediaries legislation as an example) that affect your business. Chartergates are experts in the areas that affect your business giving you the peace of mind of knowing you are engaging with the right advisers. Our areas of speciality include:

Employment Law:

We can advise and consult on all employment law matters including employment status of agency workers and the Conduct Regulations. Whether you require ongoing advice, ad hoc consultancy or Employment Tribunal representation we can provide the services that you need.

MSC Legislation:

Given the potential ramifications of getting this wrong it is vital that you get it right.  Chartergates can provide you with guidance, opinions and practical advice on the MSC legislation.  We can provide you with robust representation in the event of a HMRC enquiry.

The Intermediaries Legislation:

HMRC’s amendments to the intermediaries legislation placed liability and compliance squarely on the shoulders of agencies.  Given the extensive application of the intermediaries legislation it is vital that you receive accurate advice and representation.  Chartergates can advise, consult and represent you so that you are as strong as you possibly can be.


From their inception the Agency Workers Regulations have put employment agencies under increasing pressure and scrutiny.  Some advisers have taken a ‘head in the sand’ approach and simply outlined what the legislation says.  At Chartergates we believe that our advice is legally superior but also that there are commercial benefits from the legislation for agencies.  See our technical zone for our fact sheet on the AWR.

Umbrella companies:

Whether by employing individuals or engaging self-employed subcontractors, umbrella companies provide an essential service for agencies and end users.  However, they do come with risks and it is essential that any umbrella companies that you use are operating correctly.  Chartergates can advise you on umbrella compliance and can audit umbrella companies for you.  In fact you should find out if the umbrella companies that you use are CHARTERGATE VERIFIED.

Tax Law:

HMRC challenge agencies on a number of tax issues.  Chartergates can advise and consult on these issues from a legal, practical and commercial perspective.  We can also provide an unrivalled enquiry representation. At Chartergates we can also provide first class VAT advice and representation.

Commercial confidence…

We pride ourselves on providing advice and representation that is commercial and tailored to your business needs.  Many agencies have told us that they are sick and tired of being told what the law says whilst not being given any advice on how to make it work for them.

This is where Chartergates can help you.  We will provide you with advice that will allow you to make the best of the legislation.  We also represent our clients in the Tax and Employment Tribunals ensuring that you know when we give advice we are prepared to stand by it.

Contact us for more details on how you could benefit from being advised by Chartergates.